Make it yours


Blessed with nature,
where the story begins.

Here is Iya valley, the one of Japan's three most secluded regions.
There are beautiful valleys and rich forests.
Very quiet and remote villages cling to the steep mountainsides.
MATBA is more than just a guest house.
Tourist concierge stay here to help you make your journey more impressive.
Now, let's go deep and unexplored land, and looking for the hidden gems of Japan.

STAY The rooms are renovated an old-fashioned house over 100 years old.
Please enjoy the space where mixture of old and new.
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call; EXPERIENCE We suggest your preferred way of spending, from activities that enjoy natural adventure to simple lifestyle on the mountainside.
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LOCATION MATBA is located in heart of Shikoku island.
You can enjoy the beautiful valley and green trails along the way.
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call; CONTACT If you would like to inquire regarding accommodation in Iya, please contact us here.
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